Coconut Retrievers

St. Martin is an island in the French West Indies, it is so beautiful.  But ...there is a dark side. Everywhere around the world there are animals that need help, here too. We try our best to help local animals through Cavan Hills Veterinary Services and are extremely proud to say that we have helped and saved literally hundreds of animals from an unknown life.                     

Why did we choose St. Martin?

Because it is the ONLY Caribbean island that currently has NO FUNDING from the government. 

Thankfully, the French side of St. Martin has recently built a wonderful small shelter, there are also some rescue groups from the USA who are helping these animals. They are all doing a fantastic job. These dogs and cats are desperately needing help, some groups are raising money to help spay and neuter and then return them to either the city life or beach life that they have been used to, therefore reducing unwanted litters. 

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services wants to help too, we are and will help as many as we can but "We Need Your Help Too".

How You Can Help

If you can find it in your heart, there are many ways you can help. Donations are always greatly appreciated. Foster homes and forever homes are occasionally needed. For animals in need of forever homes, please visit our Facebook page. To complete the application, click the button below and email to (Subject: Coconut Adoption Application).

Canine Adoption Application