Bird Services

Providing routine checkups and urgent care to birds of all types.

At Cavan Hills Veterinary Services, we have years of expertise in avian medicine. Our team regularly sees Cockatoos, Parrots, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and many more. We provide routine checkups and urgent care to birds of all types.

How often should birds have veterinary exams?

We recommend you schedule a veterinary exam within the first few days of owning your pet. Birds need at least one veterinary exam each year. An avian veterinarian can provide insight into your new pet’s health and personality and advise on how to make your home comfortable for them. During a veterinary exam, our team will run bloodwork or imaging diagnostics, check for signs of illness, treat health issues and recommend grooming and diet changes. To schedule a veterinary exam for your pet bird, please call us at 289-278-6001.

How can I care for my pet bird?

Here are some ways you can take care of your pet bird:

1.    Ensure their wings and beaks are trimmed routinely. This allows your pet to fly without hitting objects and eat without problems.
2.    Clean your pet’s cage daily and check their droppings. Inconsistency in their droppings may indicate that your pet has an undiagnosed health issue.
3.    Stimulate your pet with activities and toys throughout the day.
4.    Avoid feeding them avocados as this is toxic and can lead to heart failure and death.