Rabbit Services

Our team provides veterinary care to rabbits to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

Owning a bunny will require as much care as having a dog or cat. Rabbits need daily engagement and specific living arrangements to live happy and long lives. Our veterinarians are experts at caring for rabbits and giving advice on how to care for them. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 289-278-6001.

What should I feed my rabbit?

Your rabbit can live for many years with a nutritious diet. We recommend that rabbits have a diet filled with vegetables, fruits, hay, and some pellets. Hay should be the main component in their diet. Please avoid mouldy or brown hay. Your bunny can indulge in lettuce, celery, spinach, kale, and other leafy vegetables. You can use fruits like pineapples and berries as treats.

Should I spay or neuter my rabbit?

We encourage spaying or neutering bunnies even if they don’t have a companion to mate with. When rabbits don’t have the procedure, they can possibly develop diseases in their reproductive organs. Another benefit is that your pet won't develop cancers or behavioural issues. It’s common for rabbits to spray, bite or destroy objects by chewing them when they aren’t spayed or neutered.

When should I take my rabbit to the vet?

Apart from when your pet is having a veterinary checkup, there are signs that can indicate when your bunny is ill. You should take your rabbit to see a veterinarian if they have the following symptoms:

●    Loss of appetite
●    Elevated temperature
●    Tilting their head
●    Bald patches on their fur
●    Discharge around the eyes and nose
●    Diarrhea or a gurgling stomach