Surgical Services for Pets

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

Having our own pets and being in the veterinary industry for so many years, we understand how worrying it is for pet owners when their loyal companion needs surgery. Our first goal is to ensure you are well informed about the procedure, which can help relieve some of the stress. Our veterinary care team is highly experienced in performing surgeries. We are diligent with all our services but take extra precautions to make surgery safe for your pet.

What surgical procedures are performed at your hospital?

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services offers various surgical procedures ranging from routine to advanced. Our team performs:

●    Spays and neuters
●    Orthopedic surgery
●    Dental surgery
●    Soft tissue surgery
●    Foreign object removal

How safe is surgery?

All surgeries have a certain amount of risk, but our team does everything to eliminate or minimize them. One of the main ways we make the procedure safe for your pet is by using general anesthesia. This will make your pet unconscious during the entire procedure, so they won’t feel anything. To ensure the use of this drug is right for your pet, we perform pre-anesthetic blood testing. By running diagnostics, we can detect any health issues that could cause complications. Our tests will also show the state of your pet’s vital organs needed to metabolize the anesthesia during surgery. 

During the procedure, our team is vigilant with any changes in your pet’s vital signs. We use modern technology to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature. Each surgeon is always supported by veterinary technicians to catch any issue that could cause complications. We are committed to ensuring that each patient gets the best treatment while with us. Our veterinary care team is always using modern techniques to ensure your pet gets the best result and recovers quickly. 

What will recovery be like for my pet?

Waking up from the procedure, your pet may seem a bit groggy for the first 24 hours. We usually monitor pets for a period of time to ensure they are in the best shape for home recovery. Our veterinarians will prescribe pain medication and they may recommend a cone or collar for your pet. During recovery, it's important to administer their medication on time, encourage your pet to eat, allow them to rest and keep their incision clean and dry. You can always contact us at 289-278-6001 to ask questions about your pet’s recovery.

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