Orthopedic Services for Pets

Supporting the health of your pet’s joints, ligaments, and bones.

Whether chasing lasers, balls or simply walking to their water bowls, your pets are always on their feet. For this reason, a considerable part of their daily life is interrupted when they have orthopedic problems. At Cavan Hills Veterinary Services, we aim to get your loyal companion prompt treatment that allows them to live a happy life.

What are common orthopedic issues in pets?

Your loyal companion can develop orthopedic issues from injuries, an active lifestyle, or due to their age, weight, and breed. We commonly diagnose and treat pets with the following conditions:

1.    Osteoarthritis
2.    Torn ligaments
3.    Hip dysplasia
4.    Fractures
5.    Luxating patellas

How can I tell if my pet has orthopedic problems?

One of the most apparent signs of an orthopedic problem is mobility issues. Although your pet tries to hide their pain, you will notice they avoid physical activities or may go about them differently. Your pet may also become more aggressive, won’t allow you to touch them, and have problems using the stairs because they are in pain. We encourage you to call us at 289-278-6001 if you suspect that your pet is in pain.

What treatments are available for my pet’s orthopedic issue?

Our veterinarians will decide which form of treatment is best suited for your pet based on their orthopedic condition. The options will include:

1.    Rehabilitation therapy 
2.    Surgery
3.    Pain medication 
4.    Weight loss
5.    Joint supplements

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