Emergency Care for Pets

We are OPEN 24/7 for routine and emergency care.

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services is proud to offer 24 hours routine and emergency care for cats, dogs, and other small animals. We understand that your pet may need urgent care at any moment, which is why our dedicated veterinary team is available every day. We are highly qualified to care for pets in critical conditions. When your pet comes with an emergency, they are seen as soon as possible if their condition is critical. Pets in hospital for a routine visit may experience some delays as we attend to emergencies, but we do our best to attend to them in a timely manner. Please call us at 289-278-6001 for more information about our emergency services.

We consider the following symptoms to be emergencies:

●    Respiratory distress (laboured breathing, choking, etc.)
●    Neurological impairment
●    Potential foreign body ingestion
●    Severe bodily harm (motor vehicle accident, animal attack, etc.)
●    Sudden paralysis
●    Potential broken bones
●    Shock (lack of gum colour, lethargy, failure to respond to stimuli, etc.)
●    Inability to urinate
●    Lacerations that are actively bleeding
●    Enlarged or bloated abdomen, retching, gagging

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