Chemotherapy Services for Pets

Ensuring your pet receives the comprehensive care they deserve.

Sadly, pets can develop cancers at any stage in their life. The diagnosis can be scary, but our team is here to provide as much help as possible. Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer that we provide at our hospital. Our team will ensure you are well informed about the process to put your fears at ease.

What are the signs of cancer in pets?

You should look for the following symptoms:
●    Swollen stomach
●    Bumps under the skin
●    Wounds that won’t heal
●    Sudden weight loss
●    Unusual discharge around the ears/eyes/mouth

What is chemotherapy like for pets?

Chemotherapy is an advanced treatment, so our team will run tests to ensure there are no underlying problems. Once the blood test shows your pet is a good candidate for the treatment, we administer the drug through injections or oral tablets. If we detect a health issue that could cause complications, we will treat the new issue before scheduling your pet’s chemotherapy sessions. Call us at 289-278-6001 for more information.

Will my pet have a reaction to therapy?

Some patients may react to chemotherapy. Two in ten patients will experience side effects like fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. These symptoms are temporary, lasting only a few hours or days.

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