Bloodwork Services for Pets

A simple method used to diagnose and treat ailments in pets.

Bloodwork services are an integral part of veterinary medicine. As experienced and highly trained professionals it's sometimes impossible to accurately diagnose pets without knowing what’s happening inside their bodies. Diagnostics like blood tests tell us what’s happening with their organs and help us pinpoint the problem. Bloodwork can diagnose many conditions like infections, parasites, anemia, allergies, and heart disease. Your pet should have bloodwork done at least once every year. Call us at 289-278-6001 to schedule an appointment.

When is bloodwork necessary?

Your veterinarian will recommend bloodwork when they need to detect, diagnose or monitor health issues in your pet. Here are situations when your pet should have bloodwork done:

1.    Before they start a new medication. Our team looks for unknown issues that could interfere with the new medication.

2.    Your pet is showing signs of illness. If your pet has a fever, diarrhea, weight loss, etc., a blood test can detect what is causing these problems.

3.    Pre-anesthetic blood testing. When your pet has surgery, our team will do bloodwork to evaluate the organs needed to metabolize the anesthesia.

How do I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

To ensure we get a good blood sample, your pet should fast for 8 hours before their appointment. If your pet consumes food within that time frame, the sample may have fat droplets, making it impossible to analyze their blood. Our team will provide more specific instructions if your pet has a known health issue or is on medication.

How is blood taken from my pet?

Our staff is specially trained to make the process seamless. We are gentle with your loyal companion and take our time to build trust with your pet. Drawing blood is similar to what you’ll experience at a human lab. We locate a vein in their neck or leg and use a needle to draw the blood. Your pet will feel a pinch, but it will be over in no time.

How long does it take to get the results?

We can provide same-day results as our hospital has an on-site laboratory.

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