Cavan Hills Veterinary Services

303 Hwy 7a
Cavan, ON L0A1C0


Welcome to Cavan Hills Veterinary Services


Attention: Referring veterinarians

Thank you for choosing Cavan Hills Veterinary Services as your 24/7 emergency and referral clinic throughout the years.

We would like to advise you of our new Request for Referral document which is included in this letter. In order to improve our patient transfer system, we ask that you call our clinic prior to transferring a patient to our facility. During this telephone conversation, a member of our medical staff will review your case and provide you with a verbal estimate. Following this telephone conversation, please complete the Request for Referral document and fax it to our clinic prior to your patient’s arrival. A hard copy of the document can also be sent with the client. Our team requests that all patients transferred be stabilized prior to transportation in order to improve overall case outcome.

Fax:  (705) 944-5770

The veterinarians and staff at Cavan Hills Veterinary Services are pleased to care for your patients and encourage you to communicate any questions and/or concerns 24/7 by calling us at 705-944-5776.